On Twitter, what’s more important: quantity or quality?

Written by Mike Ellsworth
Thursday, 30 July 2009 18:41

I often get asked whether the number of Twitter followers or the quality of the followers is more important.

I can’t say for you, without knowing your situation, but Twitter is a bit of a numbers game. More followers is often better if you want to get your message out.

But in reality, you want your message to go to those ready to receive it. This ain’t no stinkin’ direct mail, where you leaflet the universe and hope to pull in a few fish with your leaky net. As I always say, you can’t enlighten (or sell) someone against their will.

So quality is important. A large number of quality followers is the best possible outcome. You really don’t even need more than a few hundred followers if they a) pay attention b) have large followings and c) will ReTweet you.

In fact I have two followers who each have networks greater than 20,000 followers. And they’ll retweet everything I send them. Want to know more? Attend one of our Webinars or take advantage of our initial consultation discount for some one-on-one advice. More info on the main page of this Website.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll Tweet my followers and ask them what they think the answer is.

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