Thomas Aquinas walks into a bar . . .

Frustrated after a recent viewing of the TV show, Madam Secretary, in which the first line is delivered, but we never hear the rest,  I took it upon myself to create the mystery joke . . .


An Original Intellectual Joke of the Day (for better or worse):

Thomas Aquinas walks into a bar in Northern Ireland. “Barkeep, make me a Virgin Mary,” he says.

“Sorry,” says the barkeep. “If He couldn’t make one, neither can I.”

10 thoughts on “Thomas Aquinas walks into a bar . . .”

  1. An interesting Joke, one that as an atheist I found very amusing!
    I’ll share it around the web scape to and see what responses it receives.

  2. Should have had on the closed captions. It goes on to say…
    “There’s the pope sitting there with no clothes on. He’s talking to the bartender….
    And that is the last we hear.

  3. Haha, really nice.
    Thanks for completing the joke.
    It bugged me for a long time!

  4. I would say it was an original joke; I would not say that it was an intellectual joke. Originality does not necessitate intelligence. This joke was only one of those things.

  5. While walking my dogs, I developed another Aquinas-in-a -bar joke.
    Aquinas enters a bar and see Einstein, Nietzche and Dawkins discussing God around some wine and tapas. Silently, he joins the group, that keeps arguing. After a while, they state their conclusions. Einstein says: “I only know that Gods cannot play dice.” Nietzche says: “Wrong, I know God is dead.” Dawkins says: “Both wrong, I know God never existed, but if he had, he would be a horrible person.” Then three look at Aquinas, who is silently eating, and Dawkins asks: “What about you, fatso, you are supposed to be the expert.” St. Thomas answers: “I know God not only exists, but he caused that I bumped into you gentes, so I could have a free lunch with your food”

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